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Topic-icon Their All Star 2B settled for just a hair shy of $10 million for 2019

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."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Farmers onlyFeaturesPlayoffsHistory/Hall of FameHot StoveCincinnati Reds avoid arbitration with Scooter Gennett , Jose Peraza, Michael Lorenzen, Curt CasaliNew,40commentsTheir All Star 2B settled for just a hair shy of $10 million for 2019.ESTShareTweetShareShareCincinnati Reds avoid arbitration with Scooter Gennett, Jose Peraza, Michael Lorenzen, Curt CasaliDavid Kohl-USA TODAY SportsToday, which is Friday, marked the deadline for MLB teams and arbitration-eligible players to come together for a secret handshake, a hot cup of joe, and to reach an agreement on a salary for the 2019 season. Failure to do so by 1 PM ET today would mean that each player’s case would land in front of an arbiter, who would then decide whether the player’s demands or the team’s demands for their 2019 salary request was most correct, and every single thing about that just sounds awkward in an employer/employee relationship.So, it’s always good to see player and team able to come to terms without needing that process to happen. For the Cincinnati Reds, though, only four of their eight arb-eligible players agreed to deals before the deadline: 2B Scooter Gennett, RP Michael Lorenzen, SS Jose Peraza, and C Curt Casali. The Enquirer’s Bobby Nightengale, Jr. had the details on each of Gennett, Peraza and Lorenzen today , whereas Casali settled for $950,000 late last night.Gennett, who’ll turn 29 in May, is in his final year of arbitration (and team control). Lorenzen, who just turned 27, is in his second trip through arbitration, but as a Super Two player will still have rounds left for 2020 and 2021, barring an extension. Peraza, 25 in April, is in his first trip through the arbitration process and is also a Super Two qualifier, meaning he’ll have three trips through arbitration left after this year. Casali, 30, also qualified for arbitration as a Super Two, and will have three trips through this thoroughly complicated process after this season.So far, it appears the Reds have been able to negotiate deals below the estimates put forth by MLB Trade Rumors earlier in the offseason. While Lorenzen’s $1.95 million figure came in just a hair north of his projected 2019 salary, each of Peraza, Casali, and Gennett came in well short of their estimates, with the total of the three’s 2019 salaries some $2.2 million less than the initial estimates. In theory, that’s going to free up a bit more coin for the Reds to get the pitching, if you’re of the sort who believes what the ownership group has been feeding to the headlines of late.Each of Yasiel Puig Sandy Koufax Jersey , Alex Wood, and Tanner Roark are entering their final years of arbitration eligibility, too, and with each estimated by MLBTR to earn between $9-11.3 million in 2019, the Reds will now have a trio of cases that will be decided by an arbiter later this winter. Similarly, Anthony DeSclafani’s case remains undecided, as the oft-injured RHP will see his second trip through the arbitration process sorted out by an arbiter, too. There is still a chance for the team and these players to come to an agreement for 2019 and/or longer between now and then, but given that the Reds have adopted a ‘file and trial’ system in recent years - meaning they use today’s deadline as the one for negotiations and let their salary offer from today be their standing offer with no further negotiation until the arbitration decision - I’d guess we likely won’t see any 1-year agreements reached between now and then. A 10-year Puig monster extension, though...I digress.** UPDATE **It seems that the Reds and Anthony DeSclafani did manage to reach an agreement just prior to the 1 PM ET deadline, as The Athletic’s Robert Murray relayed.That came in just a hair above MLBTR’s $2.1 million estimate for his second trip through the arbitration process.Later, news broke that both Tanner Roark ($10 million) and Yasiel Puig ($9.7 million) also avoided arbitration and settled on 1-year deals for the 2019 season. That leaves pitcher Alex Wood as the team’s lone player who has yet to have their arbitration salary settled. Happy Future Alex Gordon Day!"Over at Royals Farm Report, Alex Duvall interviewed Daniel Lynch:Also at RFR, Josh Keiser looked at the Royals farm system as a whole while using a lot of gifs.Fangraphs’s Rian Watt’s take on the Brad Boxberger signing was “The Royals Make a Bad Bullpen Better”:Like last week, Fansided is flush with stories:KOK’s Bradley Potter speculated on “How to get the most out of Ian Kennedy’s contract”He also investigated “The curious case of the Idaho Chukars”And he went about “Projecting Jakob Junis’ or Brad Keller’s 2019”KC Kingdom’s Joel Wagler suggests “Signing Marwin Gonzalez would help competitiveness”While Xi Perraem penned a counterpoint.It’s that time of year again and we at The Best of Royals Review(TM) can’t wait to celebrate.We’re almost to “one of the most cherished children’s holidays”: Happy Alex Gordon Day!After Nebraska officially recognized the occasion in 2016, Max was kind enough to collect much of the history of this celebration for us in a single article:Two major stories and two minor stories:1) Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Hall of Famer, and first black manager in MLB history, Frank Robinson, died yesterday. He was 83 years old.2) The Phillies traded a trio of high upside/low floor prospects for J.T. Realmuto. Many think the return for the Marlins was a bit light, especially considering their previous trade posturing.Also:1) MLB renamed the “disabled list” to the “injured list”.2) Zach/k Britton renamed “Zach Britton” to “Zack Britton”.Last week , we briefly touched on two games from Kitfox Games: the Japanese-dating-game-meets-dungeon-slasher Boyfriend Dungeon and demon-sacrifice-management-sim The Shrouded Isle.Then, I went on at length about the bullet hell game with awesome music, Just Shapes & Beats (seriously, go try it on the Switch and/or go buy it on Steam or the Switch - I don’t get any endorsement money, I just want more people to play with when I play online multiplayer so I have someone to save me when I die on a level). Today, I’m going to showcase a few more indie games I enjoyed from PAX South. After a couple of days at the expo, you really feel the gulf between professional games done by industry veterans or talented newcomers and ones that just don’t have it. Two of the easiest ways to judge was by how intuitive a game was and how original a game felt.One of my favorite games on the floor, Mowin’ & Throwin’, checked both of those boxes.In this wildly fun party game, two teams of two lawn gnomes compete to see who can mow their lawns the fastest while sabotaging the other team.It required less than a minute to figure out most of the game and no one was going to accuse this idea of being derivative. Players who sat down for a couple of games even started forming rudimentary strategies like having one player concentrate of defense (mowing the lawn) while the other leaned towards offense (chucking rocks and grass seed at the other team’s lawn).There were two party games for the Switch that felt fairly similar to me but were fun in their own way.Each involved quick four player mayhem where you were a small simple object trying to destroy or knock the others off the screen.Bombfest featured cute little wooden toys chucking a variety of bombs, each with different abilities, at each other and the interactive toy environs they inhabited.In Zarvot, which also has a story mode I did not play, you are as a little square that fires lasers and shoots out spikes while trying to avoid other little squares that fire lasers and spikes.Both felt simple and fun and could get some raucous crowds at their booths with competition between friends.Lastly, and maybe my favorite, was The Rabbit and the Owl.In this gorgeous puzzler, the stages are part light and dark. The rabbit can only play in the dark and the owl can only play in the light. The two have to work together with switches, blocks, wind, etc. to get both players to the end of the level. It’s an elegant game with lovely art direction. Below is the trailer.

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